You have heard the long winded speeches.
You have attended the workshops.
You have been exposed to professional development.
You have NEVER experienced ANYTHING like EJ McKNight!

STANDING OVATIONS seminars are well researched and powerful experiences that impact lives and careers. . Each learning experience has been fully evaluated to bring you results that are nothing less than remarkable.

" He attacks an audience. It's electric... how he can make you laugh so hard, yet hit you right between the eyes with his insight. My job demands that I attend many seminars, and he's the best I've seen. I've heard him three times on three unrelated occasions, and he's been sensational each time."Mr. Sam McCord, V.P. Marketing, Fairchild Inc.

Each seminar/workshop/ keynote speech is highly energized, and is presented by E.J. McKnight, a master teacher, author, successful entrepreneur, and highly sought after motivational consultant in the U.S. He is also a professional magician, so he reinforces many of his most important themes with memorable and “magical” illustrations. He has earned the respect as one of the most educationally sound, yet entertaining trainers over the last ten years, and many in the industry have tried to emulate his techniques.


…. He will make you laugh.
…. He will make you cry.
…. He will hold your attention until his last word.

And make no mistake about it. You will not soon forget it.

E.J. McKnight operates on the theory that empowerment at the personal/ individual level is also the most important ingredient to improving performance at the organizational/ group level. As a result he integrates into each of his talks a personal empowerment component from his highly popular seminar MAKE IT HAPPEN. Strategies and techniques presented in this course can be used immediately and adapted to suit individual or organizational needs. This component alone can prove to be life changing, and participants may apply what they learn for improved relationships and performance in every aspect of life.

Every STANDING OVATIONS seminar additionally offers unlimited follow up via email or fax. This allows every participant full access to E.J. McKnight for the purpose of further explanation or help in specific and individualized target areas.
Synopses of recommended seminars are found below.
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Make It Happen

Make It Happen is a unique seminar that focuses on improving the quality of life for anyone sincerely interested in making the necessary changes. The seminar is directed toward the conscious and subconscious reasons we do what we do, and it uses that awareness to formulate guaranteed and beneficial strategies to fit our individual circumstances.

The seminar is energized and entertaining. It is presented by E.J. McKnight, a highly sought speaker and motivational consultant in the US. E.J. McKnight is also a professional magician, so he is able to reinforce many of his most important themes with "magical" illustrations. He has earned respect as one of the most educationally sound, yet entertaining trainers over the last ten years, and many in the industry have tried to emulate his techniques.

E.J. McKnight’s Make It Happen seminar has three basic components:
1) An inventory of who we are, the lies we tell ourselves, and the realities of those lies;
2) An inspirational and breakthrough process of creating a new direction for our lives;
3) A specific and highly feasible program to bring about those changes.

Make It Happen attacks every area of our personal lives, and it is essential for improving group dynamics in the corporate, government, educational, athletic and even spiritual group arenas.

E.J. McKnight operates on the theory that empowerment at the personal/individual level is the most important ingredient to improving performance at the corporate/group level. The Make It Happen seminar will introduce participants to an exciting vehicle of personal empowerment called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Although not new, NLP is still a relatively unknown "cutting edge" technology of personal and group achievement.

Strategies and techniques presented in this course can be used immediately and adapted to suit individual or corporate needs. This seminar is a MUST for anyone in a leadership capacity. It will be the most valuable investment anyone can make.

Make It Happen will help you make a difference by
- Improving yourself so you are fit to help others
- Keeping your dream alive
- Taking personal inventories and developing compelling and motivating strategies for change
- Learning the incredible power of Focus
- Creating your personal definition of Success
- Recognizing the need for personal responsibility and acting now!
And finally
- Helping you reach that stage in your life when you can allow yourself the unselfish freedom to give back to the world! The time is NOW! Make It Happen!


They Call You "Teacher"

A Look At Our Profession From A Different Perspective

This seminar, presented by often honored teacher E.J. McKnight, will reveal how you can adopt
 A Teaching Philosophy That Will Revolutionalize Every Word You Say In The Classroom
 A Teaching Technique That Will Grab Student Attention
 A Teaching Strategy That Will Throw Open The Doors To Your Creativity
 A Teaching Promise That You Will Always Be Able To Keep
 A Teaching Career That Will Be Remembered Long After You've Retired

Teachers' Seminar in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya

This experience will make you laugh, make you cry, and leave you with a powerful message that will echo inside your heart for the rest of your life! You can doubt these words if you wish, but you are going to have your world turned upside down. You will never look at yourself or your calling in the same way! It will change your life!

1. You will learn about yourself as a teacher and the many myths and lies that are affecting you daily.

2. You will learn why you do what you do, and how you can change any debilitating behaviors.
These first two segments represent part of the Make It Happen component.

3. You will see how you can affect more students and have more doing it.
a. by developing a demanding curriculum
b. by making room for creativity
c. by creating internal discipline in your classroom.

4. You will find a renewed enthusiasm for all aspects of your life.

You don't have to believe this now! But if you come, and if you allow yourself to be receptive to the ideas presented in this seminar, you will be making one of the most significant investments of time in your life!!!

This seminar will focus on so much more than teaching. It will focus on YOU, and as a result, every student who walks through your classroom door for the rest of your career will be infected by your enthusiasm for life, your commitment for making a difference, and your courage to take a chance on the great potentials that reside within each of us.

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Creating Customer Service Superstars

Distinguishing Yourself from the Rest

1. WHAT DO WE BRING TO THE PARTY?a. 1st two steps of the process
a.1. identifying the lies that keep us from moving forward
a.2. acknowledging and confronting weaknesses
a.3. people or procedures? To which are we committed?
b. A short course in personal empowerment- the ONLY way to become a servant!
1.b.1.1.This segment includes the Make It Happen component.

a. How is customer service measured?
b. Identifying the different kinds of customers and what each is looking for and how they react when they DO or DO NOT get what they want.
c. Creating a customer service mission statement
d. Four interrelated components of service excellence
e. Focusing on what's important. Taking advantage of what others are NOT focusing on can be a great asset and an even greater equalizer for the smaller company trying to compete.

"Creating Customer Service Superstars in the Health and Wellness Industry"
Philippine Wellness and Spa Association

b. Importance of administrative sensitivity and inclusion
c. Internal and interactive communication that can make all the difference

4. HOW TO POSITIVELY IMPACT THE DISGRUNTLED CUSTOMER AND THE DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEEa. Turning negatives into positives. Your mistakes (and you will make some) can become the greatest chance to win a customer for life.
b. Dealing with the NON customer servant

a. What happens tomorrow?
b. Creating a customer service quality control team
b.1. rationale
b.2. criteria of team members
b.3. responsibilities
c. Homework for the ride home!!!
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Sales, Salesmanship, Negotiations & Closing 101

Art of procuring knowledge - yourself 

Boost sales performance and hit your targets through brilliant motivation ideas, powerful new strategies and insights that you may have known but forgotten, taken for granted or never tried.

GNC Sales Seminar

This segment will focus on YOU and what you need to know about Yourself.
We will focus on your understanding of yourself and what makes you do what you do.
The Product
The Customer
The Competition
      We will also lead you through an important discussion of all the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from achieving all our professional and personal goals.

The Psycholology behind every sale.
10 overlooked and easy ways to enhance sales and keep yourself motivated in troubled times.
You will be amazed at how much we try to ignore the obvious yet proven lessons our grandfather taught us!

More than A Salesman
Important Considerations regarding: uniqueness, credibility, personality, presentation
SSSS (Simple Sales Strategy Stories)
Differences in Objectives of the Major Players
Listen some more
Listen with intent
What to say and WHEN to say it!!!!!
Position Your Questioning
Develop a Questioning Strategy
Skillful Questioning and phrasing
Communicating Your Message
Using Objections to Move Forward
Knowing WHEN to close
Double Check Everything 
Use all Resources

Incredible Power of Focus

Public Seminar  by Salt & Light Ventures on "The Power of Focus"

This seminar is designed for that "driven" individual who really wants or needs to take his/her "game" to the next level.

Whether corporate, athletic, educational, political, or personal life.... this seminar will show you a whole new perspective for success and achievement.  After an initial and essential 2 hour component of self reflection and self awareness, this seminar will zoom in on:

1) Why we resist what's so easy
2) Why we major in minor things
3) Why we all process things so differently, yet we can all use the same techniques to improve every aspect of our lives
4) Specific exercises and techniques that will enhance our focus

The seminar will "focus" on fine tuning that incredible power and product of YOU !!!!!  It will be presented in an upbeat and fun way, with many stories to illustrate how these techniques have been put to use in the lives of REAL people.

Motivating the Motivator

A unique seminar specially designed for leaders, incentive planners, managers and supervisors that promises to give you an unparalleled experience.
This seminar focuses on the motivator and how he can make “his back door look as good as his front”.

Rotary Club - Tomas Morato

Most motivational seminars are directed at the rank and file, and provide detailed lists of obvious problems and even more obvious solutions. However, they omit the most important component: how to change personal perceptions and corporate dynamics in order to IMPLEMENT these possible solutions and oftentimes to prevent the problems from ever occurring in the first place!
Featured is a mini course in Make It Happen, a humorous yet intense component of EJ McKnight’s basic philosophies that have affected thousands. It also offers suggestions on effective non-cash incentives. Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to have a mini AttiTuneup with EJ McKnight!

1. What are you trying to accomplish?
A thorough look at your objectives in SPECIFIC not general terms.
2. Why are YOU the one to direct this motivation task?
Your effectiveness is only as good as your credibility.
3. Important questions and self-evaluation.
A primer on YOUR state of readiness as a motivator.

1. Highly effective motivation techniques.
A study of what works and what doesn’t, based on data collected from seminar participants in various settings.
2. Why people do what they do? What personal values are at the core of your employees’ motivations.
This component is at the heart of every good motivation study and MUST be highly considered.
3. The fine line yet critical difference between “patting someone on the back” and “kicking them in the backside.”
Why different people need to be motivated in different ways and how you can tell the difference, yet still maintain fairness in application.
4. Three “magical” keys to every successful motivational effort.
Signature strategies of EJ McKnight that have solidified his motivational effectiveness as a coach, teacher, and employer

The Dynamics of Corporate Change

The Chinese word for change is an incorporation of two symbols: danger and opportunity. Although they may represent two opposites, it is exactly that point that makes change such a complex issue. An understanding of these opposites will enable both management and employee to recognize and even embrace change as a vehicle to professional AND personal fulfillment.

Most everyone is affected by corporate change, although it manifests itself in varying degrees and various ways in each individual. But since change may be the only constant in life, it becomes necessary to learn how to deal with it, because it can either strengthen or destroy any company or individual. And the best part is that YOU GET TO CHOOSE which direction you go!

This seminar will enlighten each participant as to the many facets of “change dynamics” in an inspirational and fun experience that will not be soon forgotten. It goes well beyond information but deals with the obvious and hidden emotional reactions that affect individuals and companies alike. You will laugh, cry, and be left with a powerful message that can have a most profound effect. As with each Standing Ovations seminar experience, there will be a short Make It Happen component that will focus on the individual, which is the building block for all the other seminar issues.

With All Asian Countertrade Management and Staff

1. Make it Happen component

2. Personal and Professional Conflicts with Change
This section will highlight all the potential problems that change creates and will discuss them in very non threatening, humorous manner. We will deal with stress, deteriorating creativity and production, worry, absence of risk taking, motivational decline, and “backroom whisperings in the workplace”

3. Creation of Trust and Respect

This segment is integral in reorganizing company priorities. Every decision will ultimately need to work toward these goals if any positive change is to happen. This engaging component will involve several “participation” and “improvisational” activities that enlighten each participant as to their role in the change process.

4. The 3 Levels of Change

A. Coping with change - the immediate goal
B. Handling change - the short term goal
C. Managing change - the long term goal

5. Importance of Inclusion

This part will identify the many ways that employees should participate in the change process. Should time allow, a short practicum for both management and employees will deal with areas of expertise and procedures for professional input

6. Getting Better TOGETHER

When you look at the companies who thrive, who innovate, who enjoy their work, you also see people who have made a commitment to something larger than their work…… they have made a commitment to each other! They embrace and/or work through changes TOGETHER, they are willing to put aside self serving pettiness for the greater good, and they understand that each individual is important to the total picture.
Unfortunately, most struggling or underachieving companies never quite grasp this concept. It is a Standing Ovations belief that any attempt at corporate improvement that does not address this issue is doomed from the beginning. This component will heighten awareness to the possibilities that cooperation and attitude can bring to the dynamics of change. Several interesting and revealing case studies and applicable techniques will make this segment a thought provoking conclusion to this workshop.

Although this seminar will be highly entertaining, make no mistake: every important element of change will be discussed and/or integrated into this seminar, and each participant will leave with the necessary tools for a positive “embrace” of the possibilities that change can bring.

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Effective Communication in the Workplace

This seminar will cover such mainstream topics as "prioritized" listening skills, dealing with difficult people through emotional management, and understanding the flow chart of responsibility (and when to swim against the flow). It will consist of 5 basic components:

1. A short course about YOU! Why you process things as you do, and how to recognize and change the parts that are broken. This segment encompasses the Make It Happen component

2. The Power of Words: how to be compelling when you speak

3. You Cannot NOT Communicate. Everything we do sends messages

4. The Meaning of Your Communication Is the Response You Receive. The difference between intent and result. So often the message we intend is not the one that is received.

5. Receiving Is More Important Than Sending. We always import before we export.

6. A modified Public Speaking component can be added here if desired.

Smart Communications Phils. HR Empowerment Seminar

After completion of this seminar, participants should feel comfortable, confident, and clear in all your corporate interactions.

The seminar is energized and entertaining. It is presented by E.J. McKnight, a highly sought speaker and motivational consultant in the US. E.J. McKnight is also a professional magician, so he is able to reinforce many of his most important themes with "magical" illustrations. He has earned respect as one of the most educationally sound, yet entertaining trainers over the last ten years, and many in the industry have tried to emulate his techniques.

E.J. McKnight operates on the theory that empowerment at the personal/individual level is the most important ingredient to improving performance at the organizational/group level. Strategies and techniques presented in this course can be used immediately and adapted to suit individual or organizational needs. This seminar will prove to be life-changing and participants may apply what they will learn for improved relationships whether corporate, casual, formal, or family.

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Motivating the Unmotivated Learner

Regardless of what teacher you ask, you will get the same reply when it comes to their most challenging dilemma: “How do I motivate someone who does not want to learn?” Both new and experienced teachers face this same challenge, and this seminar, presented by a teacher who has been overcoming this obstacle for 25 years with remarkable consistency and accolades from his peers, will be the answer to your prayers.

Why spend countless hours trying to find the solution to this age old educational problem when a one day seminar will give you all the answers?

With De La Salle University Professors

This seminar will focus on several distinct yet important segments.

1. A good long look NOT AT THE STUDENT BUT AT THE TEACHER! This Make It Happen component, a basic part of every E.J. McKnight STANDING OVATIONS workshop, will focus on YOU, what you “bring to the classroom,” what unspoken influences you can generate, why the experiences of YOUR life can be irresistible to every student, and why you must reach for all the possibilities in your own life if you expect to motivate others to do the same!

2. A Look At Educational History to find what DOES NOT work and why!
In this segment we will also explore the myths of education and learning, discover why our attention often needs to be elsewhere than on traditional practices.

3. Why YOUR motivation NOT THEIRS is the most important consideration.

4. Tapping into WHAT HAS ALWAYS WORKED and why.
And why has it been so often ignored by educators today.

5. Motivational techniques from the best educators and mentors I know.
How to use the priceless wisdom of the past and update it for present consumption.

6. Relationships between motivation (internal and external), discipline, and well defined expectations from each party.

7. How to deal with the most stubborn challenges:
the student who refuses to comply or try, the youngster who lacks confidence, the apathetic student, the discipline problem or disruptive influence, the child who faces many more urgent and extreme challenges than their education. An intense hour of discussion will enlighten each attendee with remarkably proven solutions to each one of these educational situations and will enable each participant to leave feeling empowered to make a difference in the lives of these students who so need our best efforts.

8. How to rekindle your creative instincts to create a world class educational environment regardless of finances or governmental support.
Creativity and resourcefulness are imperative if we hope to reach many of our students. This segment will focus on the FUN part of education. We will have a time of sharing and “hands on” activities that will spark the creativity in all participating teachers. How can each teacher make their classroom fit their personality and STILL make it the best part of each student’s day!

“ I have put together this seminar so every teacher will not need to waste years finding the right formula. Although I am now teaching in the #1 High School in the United States (as selected by TIME magazine), I have also taught in the most difficult schools and under some of the worst situations imaginable, and I can attest that these strategies WILL WORK FOR YOU.”
- E.J. McKnight -

World Class Call Center Motivation: A Team Effort

The emergence of world wide call centers has created a great opportunity but also heightened the competition. The need to produce better and more consistent results is essential for survival. And it is motivation that again takes front stage as the single, most pressing issue.

This seminar will be enthusiastically received by every participant. They will laugh, share, and think reflectively, but most of all, they will thank you for allowing them to attend.

This one or two day seminar, determined only by the degree of improvement desired, will deal with the essential ingredients of call center motivation from the top administrators level to the actual telemarketers. Everybody has their part to play, and it is never a single group problem. Effective Call Center productivity will only happen when ALL employees and Management have clearly defined roles and interlocked responsibilities in developing a winning motivational level. Two days also allows for every employee and administrator to attend without leaving normal operations understaffed.

Call Center Conference and Expo 2007
Combatting Attrition, July 2007

An initial and necessary segment (Make It Happen) will include a personal inventory on the part of all attendees that will create a deeper understanding of self and the human condition. It will also create a unique relationship between all levels of the company that will serve as a springboard for remarkable success.

Other considerations will include:
- Communication skills for all levels, including a complete understanding of company mission statement, expressing clear behavioral objectives, and what to do to improve company “chemistry.” This valuable component will also address dealing with difficult customers and handling the unexpected.
- Understanding the difference between Motivation and Morale
- Understanding the difference between External and Internal Motivation and when each is necessary
- Power of Inclusion, Working Environment, Consistency, and Recognition
- Incentives that WORK! There is a significant need to understand why traditional thoughts on incentives just waste money.
- Creating Vertical Teams and Motivational Teams

E.J. McKnight believes that the ONLY EFFECTIVE WAY to make a difference is when administrators take the seminar alongside call center/ customer service employees, allowing them to see that they are all in this TOGETHER!

In fact, call center phone staff will be released from the seminar BEFORE management for several important reasons that will only be revealed upon attendance. Management will then enter into an intensive motivational leadership component that also separates this seminar from all others. Should management feel as if the problem of motivation lies completely with the employees, then very little can ever be done to improve the productivity and working environment.
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Conquering the Mental Side of Sports

The Difference Between Being Good and Becoming a Champion
How a Practical, Routined Mental Approach Is More Important Than Technical Skills

This seminar can be easily adapted to accommodate specific individual or team sports. This is an approach used by many professionals and presented by E.J. McKnight, President of Standing Ovations, a unique success training/ motivational seminar company, who worked through the “tough” times with professional golfer Fred Funk, Winner of the 2005 Players Championship.

This seminar will serve to create a necessary understanding
- that it is NOT the equipment, but the hand that holds it!!! (Golf specific)
- that consistency is created in the mind
- that everything begins with an emotional influence, and that we can condition our emotions to produce amazing results

EJ McKnight will focus on the basic mental techniques that will help you:
…play with increased focus
…drastically improve consistency
…play with “the eye of the tiger”
…practice with a purpose
…be more relaxed and have more fun.
…apply these techniques to ALL aspects of your life

This intense learning experience will introduce participants to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a new performance enhancement strategy that is exciting, revolutionary, and remarkably effective.

This presentation is presented in an uplifting, entertaining, and enthusiastic way that will create in you the desire to share the contents with everyone you meet (except your opponents!)

EJ McKnight does not profess expertise in all sports. He does, though, present a compelling case for the importance of our mental approach, especially since he has very little feeling in his left hand and NO feeling in his right leg below the knee, and he yet still plays golf to an 8-9 handicap!!!!! Since he has no physical sensation, he must “imagine” these two things that most golfers take for granted… grip and weight shift! E.J. also played football at the college level despite a 5-9 150 pound frame. He battles arthritis and has endured spinal, heart, intestinal, and orthopedic surgery, yet continues to perform at a high level. Plus he still runs 3 miles daily!

Participants will learn how to harness their ability to envision success before it happens, to control their emotional states for peak performance, and to enjoy the game at a high level, especially since you will ALWAYS have a mental and emotional edge over your opponent!!! The techniques learned here have proved effective for any athlete at any level.

All attendees will receive lecture notes, practice guides, and the opportunity to purchase a mental preparation tape/CD at a discounted rate.

You don't have to believe this now! But if you come, and if you allow yourself to be receptive to the ideas presented in this seminar, you will be making one of the most significant investments of time in your life!!!

Complete Guide to Powerful, Poised and Memorable Public Speaking

The Fast Track to Career Improvement
How often have you heard someone say how scared they are of speaking in front of a group? How often have YOU said that? Well, this is your chance to overcome all fears and turn yourself into an accomplished public speaker that can make a lasting impression anytime you step up to a microphone!

This intensive one day experience will teach you:
- How to overcome all fear forever
- All the basics in a very Unboring and Uncommon way
- How to use your most valuable weapon….YOU!
- How to accomplish this mission quickly and painlessly
- Advanced presentation techniques that will set you apart and get you noticed!

E.J. with Toastmasters International - Cebu Chapter

We will organize our workshop around 7 components

1. Taking Personal Inventory and Tackling the FEAR FACTOR FIRST.
This segment will be parts of the Make It Happen component.

2. The basic presentation information that every speaker should know. We will assume that you are starting with NO EXPERIENCE, so we will take you step by step through this experience.
a. The truths and myths exposed.
b. All the essential elements to a great presentation and how to excel at each.
c. What your audience expects

3. Organization Considerations: Audience, Content, Time, Logistics

4. How To Build an Important Rapport and Assure Control.
During this segment we will focus on the importance of openings, how to maintain audience interest, and what to do if you sense restlessness.

5. Developing Your Own Style.Who you are is good enough and we will tell you how to use your life experiences to keep any audience riveted to your message.

6. Technological Considerations.
When should you embark on presentation technology and how to deal with the prospects of that technology malfunctioning.

7. Miscellaneous Essentials such as Handling Questions, how to handle the unexpected and difficult moments, lessons from the pros, and the secrets of ending your presentation on a high point.

The Other Side of Health and Medicine

The link between the mind and the cure,
and what you can do to make that connection
for the patient and yourself!

This seminar will make some astounding connections between what we think and how we defend against disease, how we recover from surgeries, and
how we generate personal wellness.

1. An inventory of who we are, the lies we tell ourselves, and the realities of those lies.
This segment will encompass the Make It Happen component.

2. Understanding the Neurological/ Linguistic links to "whole health"
a. questions that empower
b. metaphors; keys to the unconscious mind
c. creating powerful anchors that can change your life
This segment will introduce elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a revolutionary performance strategy that is exciting and remarkably effective in changing lives.

3. Power of Focus.
Our ability for intense focus can create amazing results in all areas of your life.

4. "Reading" patients/family and effectively reaching them.
a. How to identify a person’s general philosophy and motivational index.
b. How we can affect others to improve their mental approach.

5. Personal goal-setting and the "whole health" benefits of believing in tomorrow.
The importance of dealing with the “whole” person, including physical, mental, and spiritual components.

You don't have to believe this now! But if you come, and if you allow yourself to be receptive to the ideas presented in this seminar, you will be making one of the most significant investments of time in your life!!!

This seminar will focus on so much more than nursing. It will focus on YOU, and as a result, every patient you care for the rest of your career will be infected by your enthusiasm for life, your commitment for making a difference, and your courage to take a chance on the great potentials that reside within each of us.

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Other Recommended Seminars for Specific Audience

The Map Is Not The Territory: A study of limitless possibilities
for top executives
We often limit ourselves by making sweeping generalizations about specific and isolated events. This seminar breaks down traditional thought patterns and rebuilds a "mental" and "working" environment that embraces change, courage, and creativity. This is a seminar that every person, regardless of personal or professional circumstance, can use to immediately rekindle the passion of possibilities.

More Than A Slogan
for Rotary Clubs
This talk will reflect on the meaning of the philosophies we adopt. So often we remember and recite words, yet forget the passion and commitment that should emanate from them. Expect several enlightening anecdotes by the exceptional motivational speaker, E.J. McKnight, plus some inspirational magic that will reinforce his powerful messages.

Rotary Club-Cebu Business District, November 2005

Real Leadership: Making Your Back Door Look as Good as Your Front!
for top executives and leaders
This symposium will give the audience a refreshing perspective on their roles as leaders of their respective organizations. EJ McKnight offers an innovative and highly engaging presentation that will impart to participants:
- A real close look at who we are. What separates leaders from followers and more importantly what SHOULDN'T separate one from the other!
- A short Component in Personal Empowerment. We are incapable of helping others if our own lives are crashing and burning.
- Knowing the difference between the "carrot and the stick". How to create a work environment where more employees are working for the common cause of the company rather than simply a pay-check.!
- What every Employee wants and deserves in a leader. A study in the differences between what we SHOULD do and what we are WILLING to do.

Well done, my good and faithful servant
for church or spiritual groups
A talk on faith, commitment and enthusiasm for service.

Inspiration, Initiative, and Integrity
for press and media
What the world needs now, especially from our news sources.